There are many benefits that you will receive by outsourcing your on-site technical needs and they impact your bottom line. It is important to consider a few key areas before you spend the time and money using your core IT employees to handle on-site issues at the edges of your network.

Benefits To Outsourcing On-Site Technical Support:

  1. Reduce Unnecessary Employee Travel – Many organizations are under intense pressure to continue to implement cost-cutting initiatives, and eliminating the time and expense of employees traveling to and from remote locations is an immediate way to reduce costs. The Technology Squad does not charge for travel and dispatch. You only pay for time and site and required materials.
  2. Reduce Downtime – Having a team available 24/7/365 when you need them to respond to a site outage enables you to respond quickly and efficiently to end-user requests. By keeping sites up and running you reduce impact on your company’s revenue and ability to deliver products and services to your customers.
  3. Support From A Single Point of Contact – A lot can be said for a single point of contact. It is a huge benefit to have a reliable source you can count on to meet your needs when you call, and know the history of your past problem areas so they can efficiently tackle a job. The Technology Squad not only provides a single point of contact to maintain your needs during an outage, but offers a web portal for you to watch the progress of the job you are requesting service for.
  4. Reduce Excessive Costs – Hiring in-house staff to support your on-site technical needs can be extremely costly. A full-time support specialist’s salary and benefits package is expensive. Choosing to outsource this need will save you the cost of paying for an in-house employee to be on standby for an issue which may arise. Outsourcing to The Technology Squad means you are only paying for on-site services when you need them.
  5. Experience and Project Management Go A Long Way – You want to work with a technical support team who can tackle any of your on-site needs and have the qualified technicians to seamlessly fix your problems. Having an experienced Project Managers who can deliver the best support at a rapid pace is vital when your business is affected.

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