Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services is a set of best practices, processes, and tools that, when combined with technical knowledge and proper facilitation, delivers ideal results for businesses like yours. When you choose The Technology Squad and our IT Essentials services plan, you outsource your entire IT department for greater efficiency, a better end-user experience, and lower costs.

Our IT Essentials managed service offering has been developed to ensure each and every client is provided with a range of vital Managed IT services. Designed with a proactive approach to service in mind, IT Essentials features include:

managed it services
  • Active monitoring of your IT systems around-the-clock to detect and resolve issues immediately, before they result in costly disruption or downtime.

  • Management of system updates and patches to ensure your software is current, without needing constant attention from you or your staff.

  • Managed anti-virus and anti-malware solutions to keep your business secure from digital threats.

  • Prepaid labor hours to have our expert technicians identify and resolve issues on site at your business as need be.

  • A la carte services as need be, such as managed firewall, backup capability, and much more.

Managed IT essentials Premium service is the Answer to.

  • IT hardware was best in class and up-to-date
  • IT solutions are designed to work as a seamless ecosystem that supports all business
  • Backup and disaster recovery allows for quick local recovery and offsite protection
  • IT is supported by specialized IT experts
  • IT is an affordable monthly subscription
  • Unlimited IT support with NO overages for support (M-F 8×5)
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Monitoring
  • Managed anti-virus, anti-malware solutions, and anti-exploit
  • Enhanced IT Security: Dark web monitoring, Phishing testing and automated/verified IT training
  • BDR (backup and disaster recovery) server for onsite failover and offsite data backup for servers and desktops
  • Lenovo/IBM Best in Class scalable server(s) with Microsoft OS, user access, & VMware included
  • And much more…

Why Does Your Business Need Cyber Security?

Small businesses should be especially wary of cyber criminals as they often target smaller operations on the assumption that there will be less effective IT security measures in place. Inadequate security can result in serious consequences for your business, including:

Data Theft: Whether it’s your employees’ personal information or that of your customers, insufficient security will leave it all vulnerable to external threats.

Brand Reputation: No matter what kind of damage control you attempt after a successful hack, your company’s brand will
never be the same, which will affect your profitability and potential down the line.

Further Costs: The cost of damage control, loss of business and any hefty fines for industry compliance violations will only
add to your troubles after your business has been hacked.

Cyber Security

Cloud Services

Why does your business need “the cloud”?

Did you know that cloud computing can boost employee productivity and protect your sensitive business data from being lost in emergency situations? Many progressive companies are implementing services through the cloud gain more than just mobility. Cloud-based solutions are shortening the technology gap between small and large companies as it enables users to leverage enterprise grade solutions at small business prices.

Who We Serve

Have you settled for generic IT support?

The Technology Squad IT services a wide-range of small businesses, but we also further specialize in service offerings to those in specific industries. Through both experience and a mandate for tailored, client-specific service, we help businesses with a variety of focuses to get the most out of their IT systems and increase their productivity.

Our range of managed IT solutions can offer you peace of mind, greater cost effect, and less downtime to your systems, all while keeping the needs of your chosen business field in mind. We offer industry-specific services in: