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IT Support Just When You Need It

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Since 2010, The Technology Squad has been providing technical services to residential clients, as well as businesses. After years of experience in the field, we learned how dependent individuals, and businesses are to the highly available systems, and technology.

So we recognize how frustrating it can be when you have technology issues, and with the rising cost of technology repairs, we need to be proactive. So we created our preventive tech support packages that’s tailored to your specific technology need. So say goodbye to technology frustration, and costly repairs.


Tech Support Packages


  • 2 hours Remote support/ month
  • 1 Home visit(Up to 2 hours)
  • x
  • All services under Computer Support section included
  • Support for PC/Mac/Tablet/Mobile Device
  • Support for 1 Device
  • Scheduled Maintenance


  • Unlimited Remote support
  • x
  • 7 days free trial
  • Most services under Computer Support section included.
  • Support for PC/Mac/Tablet/Mobile Device
  • Support for 3 Devices
  • Periodic Maintenance


  • Unlimited Remote support
  • 3 Home visits(Up to 6 hours)
  • x
  • All services under Computer Support section included
  • Support for PC/Mac/Tablet/Mobile Device
  • Support for up to 5 Devices
  • Proactive Maintenance

Business Services


I’ve been working with The Technology Squad for the last 8 years and the professionalism I’ve experienced has been awesome. Their dedication to technology goes above the call of duty. I have referred this company to many other small business owners.

J. Klein, Jodys5thavenue

Excellent business. Very professional and at the same time friendly. Last year when my netbook had an issue with a spyware infection, I contacted The Technology Squad. Not only did they deal with the issue promptly, but their technician was also very good at explaining how the spyware affected the system and how similar issues can be avoided in the future. Highly recommended.

Z. Voulgaris

The Technology Squad, and their crew are professional, knowledgeable and dependable. I signed up for their Tech Support package, because it’s a great way to prevent major issues for a very low cost, and they are very prompt to respond whenever I have a technical issue. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone.

Leslie M. Laird


satisfaction garanteed
money back garanteed
Customer Satisfaction


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